D36 of my CVC : Boston

photo 2Hi there !! Are you still here ? sorry I was there but :

Enjoying some fresh air, landing my first foot in America, crossing the intimidating American frontier, renting a car independently, travelling with my son, experiencing driving on the right side of the road but with an automatic car, the day before I was driving on the right side but with a non-automatic car and 2 days before on the left side of the road but with an automatic car…etc. Wahou !!photo 1

I would have loved to share all this live with you but sometimes we were shopping because of course « you know Mum I’ve nothing to wear », or I would run out of battery, or someone else was using the appropriate wire then I wouldn’t be able to charge my computer…or yet I was driving …

But yes, it was a wonderful time there, I sticked on my CVC, even if sometimes I had to eat just nothing. But I really found delightful the small bowl of spinach, photo 3some sweet potatoes and a bowl of onion soup : when I asked it without cheese I can remember the surprise on the face of the waitress.photo-25


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