« Savoie Cake » de mon amie Valentine

photo 3It is very cultural and traditional in France to have a so called « snack » or « gouter » around 4 PM, usually coming back from school. But even if it’s a non-school day, with kids around you, you would also most probably have to offer them a « gouter » (afternoon snack). Long time ago I decided not to buy them anymore but to prepare them homemade gouters. Most of the time it a sweet snack and the french cooking literature is absolutely full of these delicacies as we have to CHANGE !

You know most kids like to have always the same things to eat, but mine like changes !! Madeleines, Sablés, Pains au chocolats, Croissants, Brioches, crepes, pain perdu… are the kind of traditional little gouters… and today I decided to try my friend’s Valentine very easy and delicious « Gateau de Savoie de M. Alphonse ». Savoie is a department in the French Alps and not very far from Isere where I come from. This cake is exactly what kids love : « Sticky, pasty and like a sponge cake »… dixit my 3rd sweety. It’s very addictive, I can promise you and once you’ve tried it you will certainly want to come back to it !

So many thanks my dearest Valentine for sharing this nice recipe with us. By the way, it’s in a very precious and useful book made by the association « Les enfants du Mekong », as it’s printed both in French and English (very exceptional for a cooking book), you may find it very useful to practice your English/French or if you want to share a recipe with someone, also if you have someone at home to help you in your domestic tasks. Absolutly every recipes are translated by « benevoles » and it’s only French family recipes (which make it so precious ! because most of the time it old and long time experienced recipes).

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By the way : this is a DAIRY-free recipe !!


– 3 nice and big organic eggs
– 125 gr sugar (I used non-refined organic sugar cane)
– 70 gr organic flour


Preheat the oven to 160 Degres C.
Separate the yolk and whites. To the yolk, add sugar and mix thoroughly until foamy.
Add flour and mix well.
Wisk the whites until firm.
Add them to the mixture : first quarter and then the leftover.
Pour in a non-sticky pan.
Bake 30 minutes.

Ingredients et Recette

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photo 2
– 3 beaux oeufs bio
– 125 gr de sucre (sucre blond de canne, non raffiné)
– 70 gr de farine bio blanche

photo 1

Préchauffer le four a 160 D. C. Mélanger les jaunes avec le sucre jusqu’à obtenir un mélange bien mousseux. Ajouter la farine et bien mélanger le tout. Battre les blancs bien fermes.
Ajouter d’abord 1/4 des blancs pour détendre la pate puis le reste en les intégrant doucement sans les casser.
Cuire 30 minutes en vérifiant la cuisson avec la pointe d’un couteau.
photo 4

But who is Mr Alphonse ?

Mais qui est M. Alphonse ?

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