Time is flying

photo 2I’m struggling with the fact that I really really want to go further on in my job (can we call it a job?), my occupation, my passion, and the fact that I’m the mummy of 4 kids and I have so much to do for them and the family that I can’t always do just what I’d love to… They have always been used of my presence at home and, let’s say my availability for the family.

Holidays for the ones, concert for the others, visits of family and also a great training during 3 days : « Positive Discipline »…are part of the things that have made time going so fast these past few weeks.

During the month of May, I’m giving regular cooking lessons on Thursday… 2 of them are already full, and it’s all about Gluten-free cooking from breakfast/brunch to dinner. The classes are in French but if I receive a sufficient amount of requests I can translate them and propose them in English soon. Leave me a comment or a message !

Just a quick and delicious recipe for today and I’ll come back with the small hearts with Okara later …

Sort of a Vegan Coleslaw without the mayonnaise

-1/4 white cabbage
-2 carrots
-sesame seeds
-peanuts roughly grounded
– 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
– 1 tbsp sesame oil
– 1 tsp olive oil

Chop thinly the cabbage and grate carrots. Add the peanuts and stir well. In a small bowl, mix the ingredients for the sauce and pour on the salad. Rectify and add some salt if necessary. Pour some sesame seeds.

What you could do to change this salad : instead of the vinegar, pour lemon juice or orange juice, add a pinch of sugar to the sauce, add many other seeds (cashew, nuts, sunflower..) or dried fruits (cranberries, sultana raisins..), change the oils and think of a good walnut oil for example. You can also add chilli peppers or coriander to give it an even more asiatic touch !

Salade vegan facon Coleslaw sans mayonnaise

– 1/4 de choux blanc
– 2 carottes
– graines de sésame
– cacahuetes grillées si possible non salées
– 1 cuillère à soupe de vinaigre de cidre
– 1 cs d’huile de sésame
– 1 cc d’huile d’olive

Emincer très finement le choux blanc et râper les carottes. Mélanger les cacahuètes légèrement concassées. Dans un petit bol, préparer l’assaisonnement et verser sur la salade. Rectifier l’assaisonnement et si besoin ajouter un peu de sel. Parsemer de graines de sésame.

Alors, maintenant les modifs que vous pourrez faire : mettre du jus de citron ou d’orange à la place du vinaigre de cidre, rajouter une pincée de sucre à cette salade, mettre des tas d’autres graines (cajou, noix, tournesol…etc), rajouter des fruits secs (cranberries, raisins secs..), modifier les huiles proposées et penser par exemple à une bonne huile de noix ou de noisettes. Rajouter des piments et/ou des herbes comme de la coriandre par exemple pour une version encore plus asiatique.

photo 1Very quick to prepare !

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