Cereal bars for my Rugbymen

Following your increasing demand for this recipe in English, I feel like an urgency to post it here, translated by my dear friend Gaële.

photo 5I’m not very good in giving proportions and I trust you to feel what you really want to put in your bars following your taste and instinct. The consistency of them when they are not already cooked should be sticky and not too dry. If necessary, you can always add 1 or 2 spoon of water to gain the right stickiness.

The idea of this recipe is that you can play with ingredients and replace them by the ones you like (or the ones you have available at home) and the taste you are looking for (fruity, nutsy, exotic, chocolate…).


–       1 table spoon of each seed : chia, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower…
–       2 tablespoons of walnut and 2 table spoons of almonds, quickly broken but not crushed
–       3 good tablespoons of whole roalled oats
–       3 good tablespoons of mixed roalled oats (to give some consistency to my bars)
–       1 good tablespoon of brown rice syrup
–       Some raw cocoa beans, quickly broken but not crushed
–       3 big Metjoul dates, transformed into dough
–       A tablespoon of oil (olive for me, but can be sesame, coconut…)

photo 1


Preheat the oven at 160 degrees.

Mix all the ingredients in a small salad bowl. We obtain a beautiful dough neither too sticky nor too dry.

Spread it in a square pastry « circle » on an anti-adhesive plate. Compress well, if need by dipping the back of a spoon into a bowl of water.

Put in the oven approximately 10 minutes at 160 degrees. Cut or rather pre-cut and wait that bars cool a little before cutting it completely and letting it cool on a railing.photo 4photo 2

And naturally, you to enjoy making waltz ingredients now!! Cashew nuts, Mulberries, Cranberries, Coconuts or whatever fruits, nuts or seeds you enjoy best !!

For the « brown rice syrup » no panic, if you don’t have it at home, you can always replace it by honey, maple syrup and I guess Agave Syrup : if you try that one, please let me know !

The dates can be replaced by any other dried fruit you like best like Figs, Apricots, mangos…or any other. They play for the chewy/soft part of the bars.

photo 3Long lasting energy bars !

Version en Français ici

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